Leadership Session: Team Building

This session’s first leadership session is team building! Through many fun activities and ice breakers, our Leadership Facilitator, Brandon Love, is getting the […]

Opening Ceremony

Wrapping up registration day, the students met their TA groups, settled into their rooms, and congregated for the session’s opening ceremony. They were […]

Welcome to Duke!

Students and parents are checking in, moving into dorm rooms, and getting settled on Duke’s east campus to start the session. We’re looking […]

Here’s Our Session 3 & 4 Staff

Medicine & Health Care Staff: Office Staff: Administration: Second Half Summer Full Staff Photo:

Video | The Fields of Engineering


The session is wrapping up day 9 with departures and final goodbyes! Students have packed and are moving out today, with hugs and […]

Closing Ceremonies

It’s departure day today, and that means closing ceremonies! Each program held their own closing ceremonies with slideshows, some awards, and just wrapping […]

Shark Tank Product Pitch Presentations

BUSI students wrapped up their final project in a mock ‘shark tank’ product presentation! They pitched product ideas to the BUSI staff sharks […]

Public Health Presentations

HEAL students are wrapping up day 8 with their final Public Health Presentations! Throughout the session, the students worked on finding a public […]

Sea Perch & Line Following Car Competitions

ENGN students completed and competed their sea perch projects and line following cars today! In their TA groups, students created aquatic vehicles to […]