Category: Engineering

Down Memory Lane

Students visited the North Carolina Museum of History and the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. Students gained a greater appreciation of the […]

NSLC Bob the Builder

Students engaged in three rotations. In the first, they learned how to turn light into energy. In the second, the programmed RC cars […]

NSLC Duke goes Nuclear

Students visited the Duke Harris Energy and Environmental Center. The trip was very impactful because the ideas students studied became a reality. They […]

Engineering at NC State

Students explored NC State and discussed engineering opportunities and pathways with Kim Roberts, Caleb Jolley, and Adonis Belton. To see more click the […]

Harnessing Wind Power

Students were tasked with creating the ultimate wind turbine. Materials available: plastic cups, plastic spoons, paper plates, tape, and PVC pipe. Turbines were […]

Will It Hold!

Hello and welcome to Will it Hold, the game show where we evaluate bridges created by NSLC students. Bridges are evaluated on appearance […]

NSLC and Furious

“It’s all about family.” – Dom Torretto  The grand conclusion you’ve been waiting for is finally here! NSLC racing crews experimented with RC […]

PitCrew at Work

Welcome to the NSLC raceway! Watch brilliant engineers gear up for competition. Each team builds 1 RC for the collection challenge and another […]

Exploring Chemical Engineering

Former ExxonMobil Senior Technical Engineer Aaron Frye shared his career path and experience working as a chemical engineer. Frye and the students discussed […]

NSLC at Duke Takes Flight!

Cutting through the air, gliding against the wind, watch the NSLC Fleet take to the sky! Using popsicle sticks and hot glue, students […]