Year: 2019

VIDEO | What It Takes

Clinical Diagnostics

Students participated in a clinical diagnostics simulation where they diagnosed patients after learning their symptoms.

Surgical Rounds

HEAL students sutured raw chicken breast like a pro today with Dr. P!

Vanderbilt Medical School

HEAL students learned first-hand from doctors at Vanderbilt Medical School how to code, deliver a baby, and conduct surgery!

VIDEO | The Power Of Vulnerability

VIDEO | Clinical Rounds

The World is Your Stage

  Leadership students took their talents to the stage! They showcased songs, dance routines, and stand up comedy to their peers.

Head To Toe Assessments

HEAL students learned about the upper and lower extremities today in Head To Toe Assessments.

Personality Matrix

Leadership students discovered which personality type they were during personality matrix!

Clinical Rounds

HEAL students practiced taking vitals and drawing blood in Clinical Rounds today!