TA Groups

ENGN students finished their product pitch assignments and took some photos in their TA groups from the session. Click here for more photos!

Video | This is Passion

Video | Aircraft Carrier Launch

Talent Show

HEAL students wrapped up day 7 with a talent show in their TA groups! Many groups danced, one told jokes, and one even […]

Duke Human Simulation and Patient Safety Center

HEAL students went to the Duke Human Simulation and Patient Safety Center. Through the use of various simulation models and anesthesiologists’ presentations, they […]

Aircraft Carrier Launch

Today, ENGN students created aircrafts and launching mechanisms out of PVC pipes, wood, cardboard, duct tape and other materials! They learned about aerodynamics, […]

North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences

Following the Bionic Arm activity this morning, ENGN students got to take a field trip to the American Tobacco Campus and also the […]

Supply Chain Relay

Back from a field trip scavenger hunt, BUSI students participated in a Supply Chain Relay! Using a set budget, each group had to […]

Bionic Arm

ENGN students are starting off day 6 with a bionic arm activity! They are coding different commands to make the claw arm open […]

Clinical Diagnostics Simulation 3

HEAL students are reaching the end of their Clinical Diagnostics workshops! Over the past few days, they were tasked with meeting with TA […]