Exploring Franklin Street

Students explored the historic Franklin Street and bonded with their peers. They enjoyed learning about the area, the college experience the area provides, […]

Opening Ceremony and Icebreakers

Students had their Opening Ceremony, where they participated in icebreakers, met the staff, and were told general expectations for the program ahead. Students […]

Welcome to NSLC Duke!

Hello and welcome to NSLC Duke! Students are excited to explore Engineering, Medicine, and Sports Management while gaining leadership skills. To see more […]

Thank you, Students!

A happy and sad day at the NSLC Duke Campus. To the Students, your 9-day experience has concluded, but what you’ll take with […]

NSLC Grey’s Anatomy

Students dissected the eye, brain, and heart of a cow. Many students were slightly grossed out but their intrigue to understand the anatomy […]

NSLC and Furious

“It’s all about family.” – Dom Torretto  The grand conclusion you’ve been waiting for is finally here! NSLC racing crews experimented with RC […]

Emergency Training

In dire situations, students responding to an emergency must be confident in their rescue ability. Students gained that confidence training with NSLC! Emergency […]

NSLC Disaster Response

Listening to the speaker, students were stunned when a TA ran into the room. “HELP ITS AN EMERGENCY WE NEED DOCTORS NOW!” Students […]

Being Resilient

Miara Shaw and the students discussed resilience and the drive to succeed. She questioned what makes a good leader and how that leader […]

Keeping Good Health

Students engaged in an insightful Q&A with pediatrician Dr. Nicole Lang. She discussed her experiences and positive health strategies. The conversation ended with […]