Year: 2022

Video | Medicine & Health Care Recap

What I Discovered

What I Discovered, led by Brandon Love, is a moment of self-reflection and the realization of what we all have learned throughout this […]

Public Health Presentations

Public health final presentations are today! Throughout the session, students have prepared a public service announcement video alongside a presentation talking about various […]

North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences

Today, the Heal students went on a field trip to the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences! With 4 different floors and home […]

Hematology & Venipuncture

HEAL students had hematology and venipuncture today! They used various types of syringes on different types of venipuncture models to learn how to […]

Leadership Session: Building Better Teams

We are starting off day six with a leadership session by Brandon Love, called Building Better Teams. Teamwork is one of the most […]

Surgical Rounds: Suturing & Dissection

Today, Medicine and Health Care students had their surgical rounds! Through rotations, they injected, biopsied, and sutured pig’s feet, and dissected cow eyes […]

Video | Physician Assistant, by Professor Janelle Bludorn

Clinical Rounds: EMT, CPR, Vital Signs, Auscultation & Percussion

HEAL students had their Clinical Rotations today. Between different simulation rotations, they learned CPR, auscultation and percussion, reading vital signs, and a taste […]

Clinical Diagnostics Simulation

After the UNC Clinical Lab, students had Clinical Diagnostics Simulation Introduction! Throughout this week, they will be attempting to diagnose our team advisor […]