Marketing II: Fashion Show

Following the first marketing lecture of Dr. Carrie Colbert, BUSI students were tasked with a more hands-on activity. They were given random materials […]

Clinical Rounds: CPR, EMT, Vital Signs, Auscultation

For today’s rotation, HEAL students visited four different stations that taught them basic skills needed in any healthcare profession. From CPR to learning […]

Rotation Series: Arduino Programming and CAD Drawing

ENGN Students are continuing day two with Arduino Programming and CAD Drawing rotations. Similar to yesterday’s breadboarding, they are linking more complex configurations […]

Project Development Time: Start!

The ENGN Program has started developing their Sea Perch projects! Students are currently brainstorming different attachments, logistics, and ways to make sure their […]

Guest Speaker Series: Dr. Steins and Dr. Vilardaga

Today, Health Students took a dive into the dermatology and psychiatry sciences with the help of guest speakers Dr. Ronnit Stein, Dr. Jason […]

American Tobacco Campus

Today, the Business Program went on a field trip to the American Tobacco Campus, a large piece of North Carolina’s history and a […]

Clinical Diagnostics: Simulation 1

For this HEAL program simulation, TA’s acted as patients with various illnesses, needing a checkup. Students in groups had the opportunity to examine […]

Rotation Series: Soldering and Breadboarding

Engineering students are diving into soldering and breadboarding through today’s rotation series! Through doing small projects like breadboarding light series and soldering light […]

Duke Human Simulation and Patient Safety Center

Medicine and Health Care students took a field trip to Duke’s west campus Simulation Lab! They learned about an anesthesiologist’s day in the […]

Stakeholder Analysis: Introduction

Business and Entrepreneurship students are starting off day one with introductions to their long-term group projects and presentations! Here, Program Director Sam Davis […]