Category: Psychology & Neuroscience

Eyes, Hearts, and Brains

NSLC Duke students dissected sheep hearts, brains, and cow eyes. After adjusting to the smell and slime, students enjoyed exploring the organs. To […]

Psychology Career Presentations

While enjoying delicious cookies, students asked TAs about careers within psychology. TAs represented their careers, allowing them to give students a lot of […]


Students dissected sheep brains, heats, and spines. They enjoyed learning more about body functions and organs. To see students handling the knife, click […]

Finding the Diagnosis

Through conversation, medical history, and observation, students worked to diagnose their patients. The patients (Team Advisors) simulated an illness. Students enjoyed the challenge […]

NSLC Psych 101

Students learned the basics/fundamentals of psychology. Students were very engaged and took notes during the lecture. To see more, click the album below.  […]

VIDEO | The Session Two Experience

Myoelectric Arm

PSYC students controlled robotic arms with their nerves!

Guest Speaker Susan Galeas

PSYC Students heard from Susan Galeas, President & CEO of The Family Center. She spoke with them about what it takes to manage […]

VIDEO | Experiencing Belmont University

Commitment in Action

Students learned about the importance of supporting each other and staying committed to their goals during Commitment In Action!