Category: Psychology & Neuroscience

VIDEO | The Session Two Experience

Myoelectric Arm

PSYC students controlled robotic arms with their nerves!

Guest Speaker Susan Galeas

PSYC Students heard from Susan Galeas, President & CEO of The Family Center. She spoke with them about what it takes to manage […]

VIDEO | Experiencing Belmont University

Commitment in Action

Students learned about the importance of supporting each other and staying committed to their goals during Commitment In Action!

Clinical Diagnostics

PSYC students are participating in a simulation all session where they are tasked with diagnosing a number of patients after meeting with them […]

Belmont Series | Basic Sense-ability

PSYC students were back at Belmont today where they had their sense of taste, sight and smell tested!

Belmont Series: Building Up The Brain

Today was the first day our PSYC students visited Belmont University. They learned all about the brain while participating in meditation and reading […]


Belmont Series: Basic Sense-ability

PSYC students experienced multiple activities and simulations at Belmont University that put their most basic senses to the test!