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Shark Tank Product Pitch Presentations

BUSI students wrapped up their final project in a mock ‘shark tank’ product presentation! They pitched product ideas to the BUSI staff sharks […]

Supply Chain Relay

Back from a field trip scavenger hunt, BUSI students participated in a Supply Chain Relay! Using a set budget, each group had to […]

American Tobacco Campus

After learning all about investing and businesses, BUSI students took a field trip to a historical Durham landmark, the American Tobacco Campus. Transformed […]

Investors Management Corporation Panel

BUSI students have started off day 5 with a panel of guest speakers. From the Investors Management Corporation, these 4 speakers explained all […]

Video | Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

Marketing II: Fashion Show!

“call us the super soakers the way we drippin,” Corbin from BUSI mentioned, summing up today’s Marketing II: Fashion Show! Under Dr. C’s […]

Professor Lecture: Entrepreneurship & Management

BUSI students have wrapped up day 2 with an entertaining talk by guest speaker Dr. Carrie Colbert. They learned about management strategies and […]

Durham Farmers Market

BUSI students have gone on the first field trip of the session! Today, it’s to the Durham Farmer’s Market. Later, the Durham Farmer’s […]

Leadership Session: Team Building

Kicking off day 2, BUSI students are having a leadership session with the one and only Brandon Love. Outside, they played icebreaker, leadership, […]

Video | A Future in Business