Category: Business & Entrepreneurship

NSLC tours Duke Fuqua

Students toured the Duke Fuqua School of Business. They enjoyed learning about Duke’s business programs and college life. Students researched and discussed DEI […]

NSLC Met Gala

Welcome to the Met Gala, where students put that fit on! Get “drippy” with NSLC students as they explore the finances of the […]

Corporate to Entrepreneur Life

Students discussed with businessman/YouTuber Josh Teder how to approach brands for sponsorships and the finances of brand deals. He also shared life lessons […]

NSLC Fashion Week

Students crafted outfits and then presented them to an investor. Students marketed the outfit to an audience and found the right price range […]

Social Media Frenzy

YOU are the Social Media Master! What blog post, Facebook post, or tweet will you craft to save your company’s image?! Students competed within […]

History Made New

Students toured the Durham American Tobacco Historic District. The area, now full of shops was formerly a tobacco factory and is a great […]

NSLC Duke Fuqua School

Students visited and toured the Duke Fuqua School of Business. They discussed DEI initiatives with the Assistant Dean for the Office of Diversity […]

Shark Tank Product Pitch Presentations

BUSI students wrapped up their final project in a mock ‘shark tank’ product presentation! They pitched product ideas to the BUSI staff sharks […]

Supply Chain Relay

Back from a field trip scavenger hunt, BUSI students participated in a Supply Chain Relay! Using a set budget, each group had to […]

American Tobacco Campus

After learning all about investing and businesses, BUSI students took a field trip to a historical Durham landmark, the American Tobacco Campus. Transformed […]