Social Media Frenzy

YOU are the Social Media Master! What blog post, Facebook post, or tweet will you craft to save your company’s image?!┬áStudents competed within […]

Eye, Heart, and Brain dissection!

Students dissected cow eyes, sheep brains, and sheep hearts. They enjoyed the experience and learned more about how organs function. To see the […]

Blood, Tourniquets ,and Bandages

Students learned how to apply a tourniquet, apply pressure to stop bleeding, and wrap the wound afterward. Students were initially nervous but after […]

History Made New

Students toured the Durham American Tobacco Historic District. The area, now full of shops was formerly a tobacco factory and is a great […]

NSLC Duke Fuqua School

Students visited and toured the Duke Fuqua School of Business. They discussed DEI initiatives with the Assistant Dean for the Office of Diversity […]

Opening Ceremony

Students were introduced to the staff, their leadership facilitator Miara Shaw, and their TA groups. Students enjoyed forming new bonds with their peers […]

Welcome to NSLC Duke

Hello, and welcome to the best 9 days of your life! Excitement ran down the student’s faces during registration as they prepared for […]

UNC Medical Training

Students visited UNC Medical Center where they engaged in medical rotations. Students tested their knowledge with medical jeopardy, learned how to diagnose patients, […]

NSLC Takes Flight

Five, fuel cells are in check. Four, the engines are igniting. Three, all systems are clear. Two, brace for takeoff. One, LIFT off! […]

Exploring Medical Foundations

Students participated in medical rotations learning surgical skills. The enjoyed applying their knowledge. To see students in action click the album linked below. […]