Category: Sports Management

NSLC Takes Flight

Five, fuel cells are in check. Four, the engines are igniting. Three, all systems are clear. Two, brace for takeoff. One, LIFT off! […]

NSLC at the Ball Park

♩Take me out to the BALLPARK ♩Students enjoyed watching the triple-A Durham Bulls play the Syracuse Mets, and were shown on the jumbotron! […]

Exploring Franklin Street

Students explored the historic Franklin Street and bonded with their peers. They enjoyed learning about the area, the college experience the area provides, […]

Being Resilient

Miara Shaw and the students discussed resilience and the drive to succeed. She questioned what makes a good leader and how that leader […]

SlamDunk at Duke

Today the Sports Management program toured the famous athletic facilities of Duke’s West Campus. The in-depth visit emphasized the university’s history and the […]

Sports Hospitality Industry

On Location is a sports hospitality company that creates premium venue experiences for the NFL, NCAA, and Olympics. Vivo Gragnano and Carol Ann […]

NSLC at the Ballpark

NSLC comes to bat. Score 10-8, 9th inning, bases loaded! BAM! NSLC knocks it out of the park! Students attended a triple-A baseball […]

Money Ball with Prof. Clark

Students engaged in Professor Andy Clark’s lecture about the current and future sports industry. They discussed the PGA and LIV merger, the future […]