Category: Medicine & Health Care

UNC Chapel Hill: Clinical Lab

Today, HEAL students went to the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Clinical Skills and Patient Safety Center. After hearing about a few […]

Duke Human Simulation and Patient Safety Center

HEAL students had the opportunity to visit the Duke Human Simulation and Patient Safety Center today! They got to learn about anesthesiologists’ lives, […]

Madison Moore-Lynch on Medical Ethics

Guest speaker Madison Moore-Lynch talked about Medical Ethics today. With various cases surrounding the choices between life and death of a patient, students […]

Public Health Presentations

HEAL students had their public health project presentations today! Over the past week, they came up with a PSA style presentation and video […]

Hematology & Venipuncture

HEAL students had the opportunity to learn how to do venipuncture and hematology today. They used simulation arms and vein pads to practice […]

Clinical Rounds: CPR, EMT, Vital Signs, Auscultation & Percussion

HEAL students had their clinical rounds today. They split into groups and had various rotations including EMT, CPR, Vital Signs, and Auscultation and […]

North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences

Today, HEAL students went on a field trip to the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences! Home to over 10,000 specimens of birds, […]

Video | Surgical Rounds

Surgical Rounds: Suturing, Biopsy, Injection, Dissection

Surgical Rounds were in full effect today, with students learning things like suture, biopsy, injection and dissections. Under the direction of Dr. Steins, […]

Video | Guest Speaker Series: Dr. Anne West