Category: Medicine & Health Care

Foundations of Surgery

Palms sweaty, hands shaking, the surgeons in training make their first incision. Students practiced suturing, a foundational surgery skill on pig feet. The […]

Pharmacy Speed Test

Welcome to the NSLC Pharmacy! Today‚Äôs simulation gives our students the opportunity to practice filling prescriptions. The TAs decided to ramp it up […]

Diagnosis Investigation

To diagnose a patient, you must first learn their medical history! Today in the Clinical Diagnosis simulation, our doctors (aka our students) questioned […]

Students Save Lives

Today the Medicine program learned how to quickly control and stop bleeding, both by themselves and working alongside a team. The session was […]

NSLC visits UNC

Students participated in medical simulations and trivia facilitated by UNC med students. Students learned the basics of surgery, how to conduct a physical, […]

Medicine the Marathon

Students heard from second-year UNC medical student Dennis Mitchell who discussed the application process, finances, and the lifestyle of a med student. The […]

Video | Medicine & Health Care Recap

What I Discovered

What I Discovered, led by Brandon Love, is a moment of self-reflection and the realization of what we all have learned throughout this […]

Public Health Presentations

Public health final presentations are today! Throughout the session, students have prepared a public service announcement video alongside a presentation talking about various […]

North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences

Today, the Heal students went on a field trip to the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences! With 4 different floors and home […]