Month: June 2022

Video | Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

Wind Turbines

ENGN students had a field trip to the Duke Harris Environmental and Energy Center, then came back to build their own environmental wind-powered […]

Clinical Rounds: Suturing, Dissections, Venipuncture

HEAL students had another day of Clinical Rounds, this time with Dr. Stein teaching everyone suturing, dissecting, and venipuncture. They used pig’s feet […]

Marketing II: Fashion Show!

“call us the super soakers the way we drippin,” Corbin from BUSI mentioned, summing up today’s Marketing II: Fashion Show! Under Dr. C’s […]

Arduino, CAD Drawing, Pill Coating

ENGN students are continuing their learning with introductions to CAD drawing, Arduino, and Pill Coating today! They are graphing shapes on computers, electronically […]

Clinical Rounds: CPR, EMT, Vital Signs, Auscultation

HEAL students are doing Clinical Rounds for day 3! They are rotating in groups and learning various things like CPR, reading vital signs, […]

Professor Lecture: Entrepreneurship & Management

BUSI students have wrapped up day 2 with an entertaining talk by guest speaker Dr. Carrie Colbert. They learned about management strategies and […]

Soldering & Breadboarding

ENGN students are starting off their session with a rotation introduction to soldering, breadboarding, and storyboarding. They used resistors, batteries and lights to […]

Durham Farmers Market

BUSI students have gone on the first field trip of the session! Today, it’s to the Durham Farmer’s Market. Later, the Durham Farmer’s […]

Introduction to Medicine & Health Care

Welcome to HEAL! Students are getting settled in today and have begun their first activity: Clinical Diagnostics Simulation. They are preparing to diagnose […]