Month: June 2022

Duke Human Simulation and Patient Safety Center

HEAL students went to the Duke Human Simulation and Patient Safety Center. Through the use of various simulation models and anesthesiologists’ presentations, they […]

Aircraft Carrier Launch

Today, ENGN students created aircrafts and launching mechanisms out of PVC pipes, wood, cardboard, duct tape and other materials! They learned about aerodynamics, […]

North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences

Following the Bionic Arm activity this morning, ENGN students got to take a field trip to the American Tobacco Campus and also the […]

Supply Chain Relay

Back from a field trip scavenger hunt, BUSI students participated in a Supply Chain Relay! Using a set budget, each group had to […]

Bionic Arm

ENGN students are starting off day 6 with a bionic arm activity! They are coding different commands to make the claw arm open […]

Clinical Diagnostics Simulation 3

HEAL students are reaching the end of their Clinical Diagnostics workshops! Over the past few days, they were tasked with meeting with TA […]

American Tobacco Campus

After learning all about investing and businesses, BUSI students took a field trip to a historical Durham landmark, the American Tobacco Campus. Transformed […]

Rube Goldberg Machines

Coming back from a field trip to the Duke University Engineering Design Pod Tour, ENGN students are putting their energy reactivity knowledge to […]

Investors Management Corporation Panel

BUSI students have started off day 5 with a panel of guest speakers. From the Investors Management Corporation, these 4 speakers explained all […]

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