Category: Medicine & Health Care

Neurosurgery Simulation

Dr. P held a neurosurgery simulation today with our Medicine & Healthcare students!

Challenge Course

Today our Medicine & Health Care students tackled the challenge course!

VIDEO | Session 1

VIDEO | Journey Into Medicine & Healthcare

Career Exploration | Rachel Curtis

Rachel Curtis gave a presentation on her career as a pharmacist and the steps she took to get where she is today to […]

Vanderbilt Medical Center Simulations

It was an eventful day at Vanderbilt Medical Center for our HEAL students! They participated in multiple simulations, learning about surgery, CPR, inserting […]

Day in the Operating Room

Our HEAL students were able to experience what a day in the operating room was like!

VIDEO | Surgical Rounds

Surgical Rounds

Our HEAL students participated in mock surgical rounds learning basic suturing techniques and explored the anatomy of eyes and hearts with Dr. P!

Challenge Course

This morning our HEAL students headed out to Treetop Adventures Park to tackle their rope challenge course! It was definitely an adventure!