Category: Medicine & Health Care

Blood, Tourniquets ,and Bandages

Students learned how to apply a tourniquet, apply pressure to stop bleeding, and wrap the wound afterward. Students were initially nervous but after […]

UNC Medical Training

Students visited UNC Medical Center where they engaged in medical rotations. Students tested their knowledge with medical jeopardy, learned how to diagnose patients, […]

Exploring Medical Foundations

Students participated in medical rotations learning surgical skills. The enjoyed applying their knowledge. To see students in action click the album linked below. […]

IVs, Airways, and Life Support

Students visited Duke Medical Center where they practiced life support, basic IV insertions, and studied the airway. They also discussed residency with Ankeet […]

First Incisions

Using pig feet, students practiced suturing. Suturing is a foundational surgery skill. Students were taught several methods and enjoyed the challenge. To see […]

Saving the World

Students began making their public health presentations. The assignment requires students to develop a solution to a health problem of their choosing. To […]

NSLC Grey’s Anatomy

Students dissected the eye, brain, and heart of a cow. Many students were slightly grossed out but their intrigue to understand the anatomy […]

Emergency Training

In dire situations, students responding to an emergency must be confident in their rescue ability. Students gained that confidence training with NSLC! Emergency […]

NSLC Disaster Response

Listening to the speaker, students were stunned when a TA ran into the room. “HELP ITS AN EMERGENCY WE NEED DOCTORS NOW!” Students […]

Keeping Good Health

Students engaged in an insightful Q&A with pediatrician Dr. Nicole Lang. She discussed her experiences and positive health strategies. The conversation ended with […]