Month: August 2023

Blood, and Tourniquets

Students learned how to stop bleeding and apply a tourniquet, a critical emergency response skillset. Students challenged themselves by trying to stop the […]

NSLC Organ Dissection

Students dissected sheep hearts, brains, and cow eyes. Students learned dissection skills they’ll need for the rest of their careers and with each […]

NSLC WHATS the Diagnosis

Students engaged in the patient diagnosis simulation. Over three days students observed and questioned patients (TAs) attempting to diagnose their disease. Students enjoyed […]

Dr. Nicole Lang

Dr. Nicole Lang,  President and CEO of Washington Pediatrics impacted the students. She discussed advice for medical school and residency, her experiences with […]

Eyes, Hearts, and Brains

NSLC Duke students dissected sheep hearts, brains, and cow eyes. After adjusting to the smell and slime, students enjoyed exploring the organs. To […]