Month: July 2023

Needles and Pig Feet

Students practiced suturing, a foundational medical skill. Students enjoyed the challenge and where happy when their hard work paid off. To see students […]

NSLC tours Duke Fuqua

Students toured the Duke Fuqua School of Business. They enjoyed learning about Duke’s business programs and college life. Students researched and discussed DEI […]

Psychology Career Presentations

While enjoying delicious cookies, students asked TAs about careers within psychology. TAs represented their careers, allowing them to give students a lot of […]

My Infected Love

Welcome to Disease Dating, the dating show where diseases try to find their match! Each student represents a disease, through conversation, they learn […]

NSLC Met Gala

Welcome to the Met Gala, where students put that fit on! Get “drippy” with NSLC students as they explore the finances of the […]

NSLC Animal Kingdom

Students leadership development begins with an understanding of themself. Are you an Owl, Lion, Koala, or Peacock?! Owls are logical, Lions are aggressive, […]

Corporate to Entrepreneur Life

Students discussed with businessman/YouTuber Josh Teder how to approach brands for sponsorships and the finances of brand deals. He also shared life lessons […]

NSLC Orientation

Welcome to NSLC! At orientation students met their advisors and other students aka future leaders! To see more of the first day click […]

Welcome to Duke

Students arrived, registered, and prepared for nine days of learning and fun! Students are very eager for the programs that await them. To […]

Duke Medicine Training

Students visited the Duke Medical Center. They practiced drawing blood and learned how to perform CPR, take a pulse, and other medical skills. […]